“Frida Kahlo. Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente”

Frida Kahlo's life is read through her works, but also through her relationships, her friends, and her loves. Therefore, two essential veins to explore in her life and the way in which she built herself are the photography and the letters that she wrote. Throughout her life there was a photographic tradition derived from the profession of her maternal grandfather and years after her father, Guillermo Kahlo. In addition to her father, Frida was portrayed by friends such as Lola Álvarez, Nikolas Muray, and Tina Modotti.

Julien Levy, Florence Arquin, Lucienne Bloch, Edward Weston, Martin Munkácsi, Fritz Henle, Leo Matiz and Isamu Noguchi, also recorded intimate moments, of her pain, of her illness and of the daily life of a funny and intense woman.

Frida was assiduous in sending correspondence to her family and friends. Thanks to this, there are a large number of letters that tell the voice of Frida, her concerns, her artistic development, her love and her thoughts. In this way, Frida becomes a chronicler of her own life; her language and her spontaneity demystify the artist and reveal the woman.

This collection of photographs and letters allows us to identify the story that is almost never told or known behind the inspiration and as a consequence of Frida Kahlo's artistic work.